Blogging principles

I wanted to set out some principles describing what this site is and is not, both for the reader’s understanding and to remind me of what I want this site to be, setting out my commitment.

  1. This is not a moaning platform nor a place to vent and negativity is not permitted unless for the purposes of humour 
  2. This blog is a place for light hearted reflection and observation 
  3. Any opinions expressed are mine personally and not those of any organisation or individuals with whom I am affiliated 
  4. I welcome constructive feedback and comment – if however you have nothing constructive to say please don’t feedback or comment!
  5. I will do my utmost to refrain from swearing, which goes against every Irish cell in my body.  If however it is necessary for artistic purposes or to make a point I shall do so in as mild a manner as I can muster so as not to offend
  6. I will never name and shame either individuals or organisations on whom I express an opinion or tell a tale