I was so busy I didn’t even realise I’d lost it


At some point in the last 10 years, whilst beavering away diligently and conscientiously to build a career, I appear to have lost something vitally important – my balance.  My life balance that is.  As it turns out this is much more fundamental than just the work-life balance we so often pay lip service to.

Coaches use a tool call the Wheel of Life to look at the areas of our lives, typically, which give us balance and these areas include Family, Friends, Career, Finances, Health, Fun & Recreation to name a few.  Assessing levels of satisfaction with each of these areas gives a snapshot of how balanced a life is – or unbalanced in my case.  It seems I’ve spent so long pouring my time and energy into my work that I’ve massively neglected to pour it into the one thing that needs it – ME!

I’ve neglected my health, exercise and eating well.  I’ve completely disguarded the maintenance of friendships that were at one time very important to me.  I’ve not spent time feeding my mind for as long as I can remember and the last time I did something fun was organising a go-karting night out with workmates almost 8 months ago.  I used to volunteer, I don’t even do that any more.  All of these things have led to a lack of balance and ultimately that comes with a price tag – premature death in the extreme, health problems and relationship conflicts at the other end of the spectrum and most likely burnout.

I’m very fortunate in that I’m married to a man who is my rock and my strength but even he can’t stop me from burning out if I don’t actively do something about it.

So, I resolve to do something about this NOW, before my arteries clog any further, my love handles get any bigger, my body and mind get any weaker, my friendships become distant memories and my funny bone forgets what it’s for.

Time to turn over a new leaf.



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