A journey of self discovery

The last six months have genuinely been a rollercoaster of self-discovery.  It fascinates me that as a middle aged woman (PS4 man’s words, not mine!) I can still discover new things about myself and the impact / influence I’m able to have on the world around me, and in turn the world’s ability to impact and influence me.


I’ve learned so much and have so many positive messages I’d like to share that I know I’m probably not going to be able to cover off everything I’d like to in one blog so I think the best way to do it is break it down into a bit of a “mini series”, covering various topics, not limited to such things as:-


– All that glitters most definitely is not gold : six figure salaries do not guarantee happiness and being ‘rich’ is determined not by your salary but by your spending habits


– How negative experiences always have a positive impact : lessons learned from taking a wrong turn


– Why living in accordance with your values is the key to contentment : the importance of being true to yourself


– Consumerism is the curse of the western world : how my eyes have been well and truly opened and my growing belief that living a more meaningful life with less is critical for wellbeing


It’s so long since I blogged it’s going to take me a bit to get back into my stride but I know I’m in the right headspace to dust myself down and climb back on the proverbial horse.


Speaking of horses, well donkeys to be more precise, my latest fascination is with a miniature donkey called Tiny Tim who was raised by hand, lives indoors and has spent that much time round his doggy pals he actually behaves like one. If you fancy a giggle, check him out on YouTube https://youtu.be/MIQKlHSD89E (link updated).


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