B is for…Barbuda

So this weekend I decided I would invest some of my newly acquired eBay ‘wealth’ into something meaningful.  There’s quite the buzz (in my head anyway) from selling stuff you no longer need and hearing my phone make that kerr-ching! noise
as yet another something-or-other sells. 

I even decided to bite the bullet and put my little MX5 up for sale on there.  This was after a moment of unadulterated, pure joy on Saturday morning, with the top down and the sun shining on my face which made it a little painful if I’m
honest, but hey, one car is enough for anyone as is one set of car tax, insurance, fuelling, MOT’ing and servicing.  As much joy as ‘the bumblebee’ (my father’s nick-name for him) has brought me in the last year, the practicality of owning two cars means it’s an expensive luxury and in truth not something I need.  He would be coming off the road very soon for the winter and would fester on the driveway until Spring so it will be good to see him go to a good home where he’s loved and well take care of.  Besides, I’m pretty sure it’s not good minimalist practice to have two vehicles in the household when only one of you can drive.

There was a part of me holding back selling the bumblebee if I’m completely honest because I worried I’d not get much for him and I’d rather keep him than let him go for peanuts (my blog ‘We Buy Any Car?’ of 1st August refers). Anyhoo, the advert was live for about 5 minutes before my phone started bonging like mad with people asking questions and 2 hours later he’d had a couple of hundred views, 36 watchers and 2 bids which took me to my reserve price!  A mixture of delight and sadness washed over me at this point, however having made my decision I have to stick to it.  There’s still 6 days to run on the auction so who knows where the bidding will end up.

Getting back to my decision to spend on something meaningful.  Experiences are only meaningful in my head if they can be shared with those we love.  As much as I’d love to do a parachute jump (and may well still do this in Spring next year)
it becomes less meaningful in my head if I’m doing it on my own.  What’s the point of life’s experiences if there is no one to share them with? 

Having stood by my word, I have not bought anything for around three weeks now that wasn’t food, fuel or a necessity (wine counts as a necessity by the way) with the exception of a road map which was a £3 special.  Having never owned a
road map before I’ve decided that if I am to have new experiences then I must try new places and my geography has always been terrible.  First job was to skim read it searching for rude place names, the equivalent of looking up rude words in a dictionary…if you’re about 10.  

Doing something meaningful would mean bringing PS4 man out of his man cave to share an adventure, thing is, where would we go? I don’t want to go too far afield and after all I only have a few hundred pounds so it can’t be anywhere too exotic.  I decided it has to be somewhere we’ve never been before, somewhere new to explore.

I got out the road map and did that thing where you close your eyes and open it up on a random page and then pick somewhere.  First time I did it I landed on the northern most tip of Scotland – just a little too far out of my reach for a cheeky 2 night break.  Best out of three, so next I landed in Knutsford and decided as that is where my new job is based it was probably not quite far enough and I’m sure I’ll get a chance to explore Knutsford once I start working there.  Third attempt and I landed on the Lakes where I’ve been lots of times, however, there are places in the Lake District that I have never visited so I took to studying the page more carefully.  I came across Arnside which I’ve heard of but never visited and once I’d done a bit of research I was on Booking.com faster than a rat up a drainpipe and made a reservation in a beautiful hotel with views over the estuary.

I have decided that the rules for trying new experiences mean I’m starting at the letter A and PS4 man and I will work through the alphabet trying places we’ve never been to.  So, on Sunday morning I explained the plan to PS4 man, on the understanding that he was to choose our next destination, a place beginning with B.  In my enthusiasm I neglected to mention one other key rule and as PS4 man, equally as enthusiastically, blurted out “Barbuda!” (an island in the Eastern Caribbean, Antigua’s
sister island with pink sandy beaches) I had to explain that I’d forgotten to mention a key part of the game – it has to be somewhere in this country and whilst I’d done well flogging stuff on eBay in the last few weeks I’d not made enough to stretch that far…at least not yet.

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