Things you probably don’t know about me

1. When I role played as a child I’d ask to be called Julie, I hated the name Joanne

2. When I was 14 I went through a phase of wanting to be a Catholic nun

3. I was a tom-boy and all my friends were boys. I was often mistaken for a boy as a result.

4. I’ve never broken a bone or had stitches

5. I have four tattoos

6. I was an obsessive health & fitness fanatic for about 15 years and gymed almost every single day

7. I had a pacemaker fitted when I was 37

8. I was married on a beach in Mauritius and it was the single most wonderful experience of my whole life

9. Last year I got three Bluebell chickens and named them Beyoncé, Cheryl & Jacqueline

10. If money was no object I’d quit work and become a zoo keeper

11. Characteristics that get on my pip: people who don’t demonstrate basic manners and folk that moan about stuff constantly but won’t do anything about it

12. I play the drums but don’t currently own any

13. I’ll be going to Uni for the first time in November 2017 to do a Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring

14. My mum won the Football Pools on Friday 13th

15. I dropped out of college after 8 weeks

16. It took 6 months to diagnose me with appendicitis because my appendix hid itself from the doctors

17. I haven’t read a newspaper or watched/listened to the news since 2009

18. I have only ever got truly mad once in my life

19. My guilty pleasure is whacking the music up in the car and singing on top note

20. My favourite film of all time is The Green Mile

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