Too much stuff

One of the things I hated about living in an apartment was the lack of storage space.  We lived quite contentedly there for eight years and all the while I hired a small storage unit to store big stuff like suitcases, pushbikes golf clubs and such.  When we moved to our current home space was all around us – we could co-exist in the same house without living on top of each other for the first time which was a bonus and the biggest bonus of all was the storage space.

Two of the bedrooms have built-in wardrobes (one enormous) and we brought a wardrobe and two enormous chests of drawers with us.  Since then we’ve invested in some new bedroom furniture adding a tall boy and two bedside chests of drawers.  We have an “under the stairs” walkin cupboard and an “airing cupboard”.  There’s also a shed in the garden, a mini shed and a huge outdoor storage box.  Throw in a mass of kitchen cupboards and all-in-all that lot adds up to some substantial storage space.

So, either I’m not doing this right or we have too much stuff because all I seem to do is tidy out storage space, give things to charity or family and then a couple of months later repeat the process.  Whilst having a good clear out is cathartic the effect becomes lessened when it’s a never ending job.  I just want to add, in case you’re wondering, I am not a hoarder by any stretch of the imagination.  There’s only two of us, and Elvis and how we have accumulated so much “stuff” I’ll never know.  I did 3hrs of ironing this weekend and the ironing pile would still take another 6 to shift it! 

If I’m being completely honest I know it’s my fault. 

I buy Elvis too much stuff – after last weekend’s clear out that’s gone to the RSPCA.  

The reason the kitchen cupboards are so full is because I’m always buying the latest and greatest kitchen gadget/smoothie/coffee maker.  

The reason the wardrobes are full is because I have too many clothes and I must have had three clear outs already this year (PS4 man won’t believe that).  Our local Banardo’s does particularly well on this front and have even started shipping my donations to other stores that don’t get as many!  

I love books, I have tons but the office has no room for them all so I culled them last year and St Catherine’s Hospice got a boot full.  I still need to go back in for a second wave of ruthless getting shut. 

I have an obsession with coats and can’t tell you how many I accumulated – they too were cleared out earlier this year.  

Having feet the size of barges I also have an obsession with shoes – if I find em to fit, I buy em!  The thing is, size 9 ladies shoes are quite common these days but I’m still stuck in the 1990’s when they were like rocking horse poop and I had to buy men’s shoes.  So I’ve tidied them out too and bought shoe racks so the ones I have left are all lined up nicely (demonstrating no space for any more shoes).

I change my hair like I change my socks and as a result I have a drawer overflowing with hair products.  If there’s a potion or lotion on the market then it’s probably in there together with a variety of gadgets, straighteners and curlers.  Having decided to stop dying my hair due to a recently acquired allergy, I’ve chopped all my hair off so the lotions and potions can go.

I’ve been reading up on creating a capsule wardrobe, we wear a core few items the most often apparently and the philosophy is about buying fewer better quality items rather than lots of cheap clothes.  I’ve been doing this for a few months but there’s work still to do…mostly on clearing down that blasted ironing pile.

Having documented my first world problem of too much stuff it’s crystal clear that something has to stop – namely buying stuff.  I’m committing dear reader to making no more purchases of any significance this year with only one caveat in case the washing machine blows up or something similar.  I, together with a lot of people, need to learn to be happier with less.  There are those around the world who have only a fraction of what we have and are happier and healthier, I need to take a lesson from them.  Life is about experiences not things and I’d do well to remember that in future. From now on if I spend money it will be on experiences and not stuff – no more clear outs, only the creation of memories.

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