Life lessons from my pooch 

It’s time for a late Spring clean, well to be more precise, a bit of a doggy clear out.  With three toy boxes and an entire kitchen cupboard dedicated to Elvis, I thought it might be a good idea to see what was taking up all that space.

What I found was an accumulation of nearly four years’ worth of what can only be described as dog ‘gubbins’. Aside from all the potions, lotions, drops, creams and shampoos I discovered enough cuddly toys to put Hamleys out of business, but to be fair the majority are charity shop buys (they always have an enormous glut of teddies that they sell for pennies and it makes me feel like I’m giving something back at the same time).

Add to this lot balls, chews, bones, six leads, squeeky toys, four coats, six harnesses, several bow ties, two buster collars, a selection of collars including personalised ones, a life jacket (family canal barge party a couple of years ago), various clothing and fancy dress accessories and I started to understand why all this was taking up so much space!

So, having washed anything washable I’ve made a big bag up for the RSPCA and Elvis is left with ‘only’ one and a half toy boxes.

The daft thing is that of all the toys he has, there has only ever been one thing close to my dog’s heart.  They are cheap, never get boring and are a constant source of amusement.  They transfix and excite him more than anything that squeaks or bounces…and here he is with his favourite thing in the whole world.  If anything proves that less is more, then here it is…

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