Reading what the ‘experts’ say on being healthy

I’ve just finished reading a magazine publication from a well know health food retailer and am sat here frankly wondering if anyone has a bl**dy clue what they’re on about!?

One article assures me that I must not eat late because eating after 7pm can increase my insulin and cholesterol levels, make me put on weight and set me up for heart disease and diabetes.  A few pages on Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, the icon of track and field, describes her eating habits – only to my horror she eats at 8pm! (said magazine don’t comment in this, only on how great it is that she cooks from scratch). 

I’ve discovered I must invest in a plethora of beauty products containing weird and wonderful ingredients including humanely farmed snail slime (oh well, if its humanely farmed that’s ok then!) if I am to stand a chance of looking like Louise Renknapp or Britney Spears. 

I must not light scented candles because they will give me cancer as will forgetting to put sun screen on my hands like 66% of the population apparently.   That same article actually tells me not to worry about ‘The Big C’ though because I’ve more chance of developing Alzheimers.

An article on dehydration informs me that if I’m thirsty it’s my bodies way of telling me a need a drink (really?!).

Two nutritionists have been fighting it out to decide if I’m snacking too much – one says yes, one says no (who’s right I’ll never get to find out).

So between that lot, a mild panic that #organicSeptember is coming and I wouldn’t know the different between an organic and non-organic vegetable, my concern that I shouldn’t leap out of bed when the alarm goes off because I should focus on some deep breathing and relaxation and that in order to maintain optimum health I should be working a 6 hour day, I feel like the world is going just a little bit mental.

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