Pond life

The very first house I owned came with a huge pond, unfortunately the existing residents took the enormous koi with them when they left so I had to fill it with much more modest stock.  I’ve always been fascinated by nature and spent hours just watching the fish swim around as well as the other residents that came by (with the exception of the neighborourhood cats who were equally fascinated).  When a spring came I was flabbergasted by the amount of frog spawn in there and used to take bucket loads to the canal so the fish didn’t eat all the next generation of frogs.

When I moved house I had a pond built, the garden just didn’t feel the same without one.

A lot of time has passed between then and now and the thought of a pond never entered my head until my husband and I found a couple of common newts in the garden a couple of weeks ago.  We’ve always had lots of frogs because we live near two large natural ponds but I’d not seen a newt since I was at primary school.

The pond bug has bitten me once more.  Not as grand this time and not as large or well stocked but I’ve made a small pond in a spare patch of the garden that wasn’t doing much.  Dug a hole, bought a pre-formed liner, few rocks round the edges and a bit of plant life.  Now to sit back and see what visitors we get.

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