We buy any car?

I decided to sell my little Mazda MX5.  He’s 14 years old (almost the same age as me in dog years), the bodywork’s a bit shot in places (likewise) and he’s not cheap to run (erm, ditto).  Having said that he was only £2,000 and with only 55,000 miles on the clock, a full MOT and new brakes he’s quite a catch for someone who loves the idea of razzing a go-cart round country lanes in whatever British summertime we happen to get.  I had a new MX5 some years ago and loved every minute of owning it – the same can be said for this old boy.

Rather than put him on the Autotrader and face an onslaught of tyre-kickers I came up with the ingenious plan to visit a well advertised car buyer who claim they will buy any car.  With an online valuation of £1,440 I thought it was well worth the £560 loss in the last year and thought I’d write that off to the cost of the fun I’ve had.

I went to a hotel in Wigan today to meet the salesman, didn’t bode well to be honest as a woman visiting alone.  Turns out they have an office based there, each to their own I guess.  My experience began poorly as it turned out he’d double booked me and another gentleman in at the same time (I was assured this was “impossible to do”, nonetheless here we were).

After much presenting of documents, inspecting of frankly imaginary dents (honestly I know my eyes are getting worse and am in fact booked an for an eye test tomorrow, but I’ll be buggered if I could see what he was pointing at), we drove a few metres forward and back before heading back to the office.

There we discovered my Mazda has had 3 previous owners not 2 and that would result in a reduction of their quote to the tune of £200.  I was starting to get a bad feeling about this, well if I’m honest, a feeling I’d had from the start was just growing more suspect.  After the salesman put all his bumps, dents, cracks, more dents, supermarket trolley dings and scratches into the computer (some are obvious, it’s 14 years old, what do you expect?! And seriously I still couldn’t see half of what he was on about) there was some recalculation afoot.

Once the computations were complete it transpired they would buy my car – fantastic! For £562.40 – not so fantastic.  I kindly thanked the salesman for his time and left repeatedly muttering “no thank you” with a huge smile on my face.  After all, the sun was shining, the Mazda was waiting and a whole load of A roads sat between me and home.  I think he and I will be keeping company for some time to come.

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